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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Pablo’s magic tears

This week’s twisty Illustration Friday remind me of how I must twist my handkerchief to squeeze away the soggy head gremlins come out of my face sometimes. Also make me think of the story my mamma tell me some time ago.

Warning from Pablo: Make sure you got a nice face rag handy in case you cry too!



Washed by tears and slobber, Momma dried little Pablo between her hefty bosoms and spoke sweetly to her child:

“Oh my dear Pablito. You must understand that one day I shall go away and you must tend to the potatoes yourself”

“But momma, I am too small for to dig the potatoes. And how can I carry the water to the fields when I have no legs?”

Momma sighed and said “Dear Pablito, you will not always be so small. You are like a small potato sprout right now, but you will grow into a fine strong plant one day, big enough to feed all the monkeys in the jungle.”

“But my legs? How can I be quick and strong like you and carry the water from the river to the potato field and make the crop grow?”

“For this my Pablito, one day I must break my own heart to leave you. Only when I am gone will you move without legs the water the earth needs to live.”

With that Pablo began to feel sad, so very sad his cheeks began to shake with pain, so the water it came so much and so strong he thought it would never stop.

“But how mamma – how can you leave me here in tears?”

“There, there Pablito. Tears are good not bad. Without tears you have no heart, and without a heart you cannot love.”

His mother looked Pablo in the eyes and gave him her handkerchief.

“I want you to take this Pablito. Always use this to catch the water from your eyes when you think of your Momma after I am gone.”

“Remember your tears are the most precious jewels in the world Pablito. And from these tears you can always make grow the biggest potatoes.”

“Your momma will always love you, Pablito.”


Pablo remembers this story very well. He still have the handkerchief which he wear everyday around his neck. He remember how his momma give him his life, and how she break his heart.

Pablo thinks about how very lucky little Pablito was, to have known such a momma like this.


Rrramone said...

Ahhh, sweet tears.

Leah said...

Poor little Pablito...

republicofdesire said...

I like your take on Oedipus. ;)

ElizT said...

No wonder you neded that boat!

the heartful blogger said...

Oh Pablito, you always make me cry...but you also always make me smile. Big hugs for you. xxx

Kimbu said...
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Kimbu said...

Leah - if you're listening - I wanted to leave a comment on your work, I particularly like the watercolour girl - but your blog doesn't allow comments. Shame. Maybe some mistake?