Hello friends. My name is Pablo and I live in a small kneepit deep in the jungles of Chiapas. Here you I make the stories happy and sad and some other places inbetween. I hope you like! Welcome here in my kneepit!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the moons of Palenque

Ola amigos!

I have been having a hard one this week.

You see, is a long trip for a someone no leg like me make my way over mountain to the sea.

Some places I see nothing but dark ahead. Some times I was thinking I must give up, go back and never see my momma, or the sand and the sea.

You see was a long time ago I eat my last potato and now I must eat what I find in jungle floor. Is not easy.

Each night I hear roar my belly button jaguar, and I must rub him very hard make him shut his face.

As I head north up the hills I see the fruit from the forest seem to be hiding away more and more from me, make me weak and my eyes spin round my brain like the time I eat the funny fungus.

So there I am, lying in the muck, singing to the blue moon in the sky, when out of the shrubbery come a ghost man, long white dress, hair black and long, scars run down his old crumply cheeks and big big nose big like the toucan birdy.

I am so very tired, I think I must be dreaming, or maybe it is some angel come to take me to meet my dead friends. So I give him a smile, welcome him and sing him my bestest song.

Soon there are many more angels come, watching, listening me, waiting for something…

Next I know it is daytime and I wake up near some old, beautiful stone temple, naked under soft flower smelly white sheet. Now I can see where all the fruits must have gone, for in front of me are so many jams and breads Pablo cry out with joy!

After I stuff my face stupid the man with the funny nose he tell me they are in this village the last of the Lacandon Indians – forced to run from the world when the devil it come to take their history and land. He say he come to help when he hear the sad songs I sing, like they hear the pain in my heart, and this make us brothers (or some such thing – Pablo not too sure - they speak a bit funny you know?). He tell me all about their ancestor the Maya and how now they are hiding, waiting for the world to start up again. Me I tell them of my kneepit adventures, my dead doggie, my mamma and my potatoes. We become good friends.

Anyways, after many more talkings, I realise I am very dirty (after many days Pablo start to smell like the burros underpants).
So they take me go for a swim in some big water they are calling sueƱos olvidados (see this picture – can you see me? Understand that Pablo must be keeping my hat on because many ladies present!).

After much fun and frollickings in the lake I tell them it is time I must be going. Before I leave they give me special magic arrows to protect me from the monsters I may meet on the way, and they also teach me how to make the special Mayan guanny banny passion pie - for to make the lady nice and comfy should I ever be feeling lonely!

Me, I promise to come back one day, bring them some of my special potato pancakes fresh from my kneepit. That day we promise to make the fiesta under the stars and make everything well again with the world.

Adios amigos – hope you can be joining me some time soon again!


More about the plight of the Lacandon Indians.


ElizT said...

It is good to have news of you Pablo, from so far away. I am wrapping up a kumara in a puka leaf to send you, hoping it will be useful when next you are without a potato.

ElizT said...

Jasper tells me he is sending a carrot [wrapped in cabbage leaves].

Nina said...

Mayan guanny banny passion pie? Does it really exist?

I love the drawing. Can't wait for the next entry!


the heartful blogger said...

Mmmm, sounds good to me!!