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Saturday, June 16, 2007

how grows my toes ?

You know how much pablo like his potatoes yes my amigos? Well this got me to thinking about my lonely toes one day.

I was wondering what happen to my beautiful toes every day since when my papa he steal my legs to give some wacko fella so he could drink the special chica and make the thunderbelches from his big fat dead ass. I was dreaming that maybe, like my lovely potatoes, I could be growing back my toes one day?

So then I draw some lovely new toes sprout up from the earth, to give me hope and make me feel happy again. I put picture my new toes at end of my bed so when I wake in the night screaming, I can see them and I can dream the happy thoughts once more.

One day my friends I know I shall be finding my legs and toes again.
That day I swear I will be wearing my fanciest panties, and I shall dance for all you friends in bloggyland to see and dance with me too.
Adios amigos!


Nina said...


I totally love this blog! You should publish them in a book. Do you want me to be your agent? It is totally cool.

I love Pablo. And his potatoes. And his mama.

its totally wild. in a very very cool way!

love it.

The Unknown said...

Love the toes.

The Unknown said...

Woot! You've been awarded a Thinking Bloggers Award!