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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rejected by Mi Madre

Hello peoples. This is drawing of some sculptings called Maternidad by Mardonio Magana from way back in 1931. This make me think of what the worst thing in the world is be - when the mother reject her bambino.

Is so very sad, like must be the saddest thing a poor child must live with all his lives.


: - (

Lucky me Pablo not rejected by Mama. Not my sweet Mamma.

OK , so maybe she go away one day never say goodbye but I am sure is not her fault, maybe I am thinking she was kidnapped, taken by the soldiers, or maybe she have some accident like nasty cannot walk.

But no, never she reject her Pablo, no I am sure thinking she never reject me really. Not mama. Papa maybe, but mama - never!


anyways - Here's hoping your mammas never reject you and you have the happy lifes!

Adios amigos.


the heartful blogger said...

No mamma could ever reject you Pablo. Bless your funny big heart.

Rrramone said...

Very touching...