Hello friends. My name is Pablo and I live in a small kneepit deep in the jungles of Chiapas. Here you I make the stories happy and sad and some other places inbetween. I hope you like! Welcome here in my kneepit!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Speedy Pablo!

Yes this is me dancing like crazy fella. Those days Pablo spin more faster than any body in the kneepit lands. They call me windy spider - because my legs are so many.

Then one morning I wake up all my legs are gone. My Papa say I dance so fast last night my legs they run away. Then he tell me stop the crying or my eyes they fall out too.

Later I find he lose my legs to some gringo in a bar, when he play the card with him. Now some funny face pop singing man use my magic legs to make much money on TV - make my legs do some walking on the moon and dance to some bad music, so my friend Frank, the Zapatista, he tell me.

Maybe one day they come back to me. Pablo can wait. Until then I dance every day with my heart, and sing a song to the moon.

Adios my friends! Hope you are liking my kneepit!


Marie-Dom said...

I am definitely liking your kneepit! Fun picture and very speedy.

The Unknown said...

Some day those legs will return and we can all dance together. Then later, we can walk side by side over to the heartless gringo that exploited your legs and kick his ass!

the heartful blogger said...

Pablo, how is it you can always make me laugh and cry at the same time. It's great to know the loss of your legs hasn't dampened your spirit!

Vibraslapper said...

Excellent drawing!!

Andrea said...

Fantastic was to convey speed!

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

you have such tragic experiences but some how you are able to keep your hope alive... keep breathing Pablo, keep breathing.

disappointed said...

those kneepits are incredible - you're a dancing diablo