Hello friends. My name is Pablo and I live in a small kneepit deep in the jungles of Chiapas. Here you I make the stories happy and sad and some other places inbetween. I hope you like! Welcome here in my kneepit!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

five thing in my closet

Some funny lady tell me what I have in my car, closet or fridge. I dunno what is fridges, and have no car, and I look up what is 'closet' and I see is like corner of my kneepit, where I hide what I don't want see every day, because sometime make me sad, and because sometime peoples need to be some place dark.

I find photo happy people by the sea. I never see some sea me.

I make the dog here from hair and bone my sweet dead doggie.

Here my baby potato farm. I have make many friend here, and many they die also.

Here I find home for my rabbit I find one day. Rabbit happy here.

Here dress my mama make me. Now too small and rotted to wear, but I keep for her maybe come back one day.

Now I must be finding some friend to tag with this too. You wanna do this too?

So now I tag the Mr Unknowing, and Missus Wax Hard. Have fun!

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