Hello friends. My name is Pablo and I live in a small kneepit deep in the jungles of Chiapas. Here you I make the stories happy and sad and some other places inbetween. I hope you like! Welcome here in my kneepit!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

To the sea

Ola Amigos!

Here I am continue my trip across Mexico find my Mamma. Almost finished. Just this one and then one final tale for you.

Hopings you enjoy...


Phew - in this hot sun I am very much needing my big green hat!

Yes Pablo finally make the trip to big soggy sea! Is so beautiful here. The water it hold my little body so good and warm make me feel like the mushy potato filling in some sweet fried tortilla!

(warnings though – the water not so good for drinkings, is very salty. Bathing water is much better drinkings anytime!)

Here I see many peoples from different colours and shapes (so many big big bottoms!) all wanting to turn into some barbecue chickens, greasing up their fat bodies and burning their skins all day long. Some no wear no clothings at all – this make Pablo go red face too!

When I get here I find me some nice peoples who say they can help me find my mamma. I help them working the beach, selling some shiny plastic bobbins to the gringa ladies. Ido very good at this because my no legs make them feel sorry for Pablo give me more moneys. I live nice place share with many other like me, where we all sleep very close up and can eat or drink the chica if is a lucky day.

But is not all easy life I tell you. Sometimes we must eat no nothing if when the police they come and take the money we make. Also the big fat men who give us the bobbins can get angry if this happen too and they no get their money. Sometimes if we lucky they just beat our faces. Other times people just disappearing. Never see them again.

The people who working like me, asking for money in the street or on beach, mostly they dream of going to where the fat gringos are coming from. Me, I dream of my simple kneepit, of Juanita and Chico, my friend Frank the Zapatista, the cheeky red-ass monkeys and my other dead friends.

Mostly I dream of Mamma.

They like it when I sing the songs I know from my Mamma, somehow they seem to know the words too and sing with Pablo and make very happy.

This singing make me feel good too. It remember me where I am from, and keep me closer still to my Mamma. ---

This story is continue tomorrow for the big end. Is then I can tell you what really happen. Until then...


PS – if you wondering about the little kitten cats from last time, they both very happy. My friends here are sleeping with them at night, keeping nice and warm. Her you see picture them happy lazy asses with my new amigos eating the icy creams!


Next time - I find my mamma!

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